Koki Zen Modality

Koki Zen is the energy modality that came in 2018 to support the New Earth way-showers who are very intuitive and highly sensitive. They know they are here for big things but sometimes just don’t know what that is.

Online Courses

Koki Zen is a new to the earth energy that is having marvellous effects on people at the forefront of planetary changes! That’s YOU!

Personal Services

Receive intuitive guidance and shift the energy around you so that you become liberated.

Child Soul Message

A brief message  in the hopes of better understanding your child.

Support and Mentoring

When enrolled in our KZA Course, you will be supported by our facebook group.

Koki Zen Energy Experience

A potent and deeply transformational Koki Zen energy experience.

Body Energy Intuitive

Move beyond your current “blocked energy” with an online session.

Welcome Beautiful Being

My name is Naveen Light, Founder of Koki Zen. I’m an intuitive energy worker, translator and mentor for those seeking deeper knowing. It’s taken me a while to realise this and I’m sure you’ll learn faster than I!

Koki Zen
Helps Kids AND Adults

The kids of today are DIFFERENT and have a special job to do that make living in our current reality very challenging. These kids relate very well to Koki Zen and feel much more able to cope when it is present in their life. Koki Zen soothes them on a body, mind and soul level. Many of us adults can relate to being this type of child, therefore, Koki Zen soothes us too!

Koki Zen has helped a non-verbal 8 yr old to SPEAK, an angry 9 yr old to settle, a frustrated and challenging 4 yr old to feel loved, a restless and irritable 6 yr old to sleep, an anxious 5 yr old to start a new school without worries. What will it do for your child?


It’s like wrapping them in a protective shield so that they can keep balanced and build resilience to this crazy outside world!

You can’t protect your kids from this life, but you CAN support them with an energy that feels familiar, like a warm blanket on a cold night.

The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit.

~ Angeles Arrien

We have a range of energy shifting and healing services to choose from. We look forward to bringing you a new future!

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